Birdz is the fun new slot game from Games Warehouse which will see you spinning 5 reeks, 3 rows and 30 fixed paylines with lots of fluffy birds on them for the chance at a big cash win! This is a unique and innovative slot game where you will find yourself flying away with a tonne of big cash wins as you enjoy a constant stream of big bonus features and cute animations. Give it a spin today for the chance to win a big prize!

Our Verdict:

Birdz is an exciting slot game that will see you transported up into the sky with three telephone wires. On these telephone wires, you will find plenty of cute birds who are the main focus of the game and will help you can in on a big win! Players can get started playing this exciting game today from as little as 30p per spin all the way up to £150 per spin.

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol in the slot game Birdz is the Egg, and this says the word WILD in luminous yellow across it. This is an important symbol as it will replace all other symbols on your reels to create lots of new and huge winning combinations which means more money going straight into your account. All of the other symbols on your reels in this game are simply birds of varying colours including black, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, purple and yellow.


With each win, the symbols involved in the win will disappear from your reels, and they will be replaced by more symbols that fly down from above. You can get more wins here, and the process will continue on until there are no more wins left.

Birdz Bonus Trail:

This is the big bonus feature in Birdz and involves the trail located at the side of your reels. With each winning spin or cascade, players will move one place up that trail. When you do not get another win, this is the feature that you will be awarded. The different features that you can land on are:
Shotgun – one bird is blasted by a shotgun into feathers, and a new a bird will replace it
Shotgun x2 – this is the same as the Shotgun feature, but it is two birds that will be shot with the gun
Zap – One wire will have electricity sent through it, and all of the birds on that reel will be zapped, and more birds will fall in and replace them
Pecking Order – three or more of the low value symbols will be replaced by high value symbols
Scarecrow – the birds, will be scared away and new ones will replace them
Cracking Wilds – all of the symbols on your first, second or third reel are transformed into wild symbols

Bird Blitz:

Bird Blitz is a fun feature where players will find birds flying around their screen and when they form a win the round will end.