The Battle Mania slot from Microgaming in partnership with Skillz Gaming is an RPG (Role Playing Game) style slot that can be enjoyed on desktops, laptops, and mobiles. It allows you to make progress while playing so that you can access different islands and bonus features, as well as gain access to more teams of heroes to help you win battles.


Battle Mania offers players a unique playing experience by incorporating elements of fantasy-based roleplay. In essence, it requires you to defeat an army of monsters in a series of battles using a team of your choosing.

There are five teams that you can select, some of whom allow you to win more frequently than others and others of which offer few wins but bigger prizes. The more progress you make while playing the Battle Mania slot game, the more teams of heroes you can choose from such as Champions of Balance and Heroes of Light.

To defeat your enemy, you must attack it and reduce its health bar to zero to win the battle. The team formations are predetermined and can affect your chances to win as well as how much cash you're granted.

During every battle in Battle Mania, you are dealt random cards containing Mana points which will help you inflict damage on the enemy. Every successful hit earns you a prize, but you only receive it if your hero is successful.

Cards can also contain special character abilities which give you heroes the upper hand. But, if you're dealt a skull card while playing the Battle Mania slot, the advantage is given to the enemy team, and the battle is lost.

Wild Symbol:

Battle Mania does not use a wild symbol.

Bonus Features:

In the Battle Mania slot game, you start out on Forest Island, but by collecting island stones as you continue to play, you can explore other parts of the exciting fantasy world that Microgaming has created.

There are five islands in total, and each of them has a special bonus although you can only activate the bonuses when you're assigned a bonus card.

Just some of the island bonuses that you might experience while playing the Battle Mania slot include Boss Fight (Forest Island), Free Battles (Desert Island), The Villains' Wave (Swamp Island), and Lava Stones Pick (Volcano Island). The bonus that you can play in Treasure Island lasts for twenty battles and gives you 25% extra on all prizes gained. Plus, if you receive the Magic Stone card while playing on Treasure Island, you get to take home the game's grand prize!

Another major part of the gameplay in Battle Mania is the special ability that each hero possesses. If you receive a character card, you can trigger your chosen hero's ability to help win your battles. For instance, Dhakuq the Skeleton King automatically resurrects after being killed while Randolph the Minotaur can ram the enemy with his mighty horns to instantly defeat them. Plus, if Enk the Goblin's special power is activated, he not only inflicts damage on his opponent but also loots his coins.