Recently, the online game developer Gamevy has released a new range of slot games to enjoy. Boss the Lotto immediately stood out to us as having a lot of potential and the game takes some themes from the lottery itself. It looks like a lot of fun so we thought we would try it out. The game does not offer the traditional slot machine structure, but there are some similarities, so fans of the lottery or slot machines are likely to enjoy this game the most. We will detail how to play in our review below, but with a potential jackpot of £1,000,000, we think this game certainly has potential.

Our Verdict:

The game is a lot of fun and offers something different from the standard slot experience. We love the visuals with the luminous game interface creating an exciting atmosphere. It really makes you feel as if you are about to win a fortune. The average return to player is 91% which means your chances of winning look pretty great. All in all, it is a very easy game once you get the hang of it and it stands out primarily because of its design. It has all the makings of a popular game, and with a minimum bet of a pound, we think it's worth checking out.

How to Play:

All you have to do is place your deposit and then select how much you want to bet. Then just hit play! The game is based on chance and the full set of rules actually explains the outcome of each round and this game is not determined ahead of time which is important. Each game has 43 good balls and just 6 that are bad. Picking 6 good balls will double your money, and you can choose to keep picking or cash out. Pick all 43 good balls, and you will win the jackpot but beware as a single bad pick will end your game.

Betting & Payouts:

The game's rules mean that the outcome of each round is predetermined ahead of time. This makes for some unique payout rules and as we mentioned, if you pick 6 good balls then this will double your money. You can bet from just a pound which is standard for a lottery ticket in a lot of countries, and you can also bet £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 amounts. Some may find this slightly restricting, but it works well on this game. There is the chance at a £1,000,000 jackpot, but you have to pick all the good balls in a row which are no mean feat.

Additional Features:

The game doesn't really have additional features due to its structure and rules. Usually, in these types of games there is an auto-play function but part of Boss the Lotto is the excitement of picking numbers yourself, and the player needs to decide whether to continue playing or cash out after every round so we don't feel that an auto-play would be suitable anyway.