This brand-new slot game by newcomers Chance Interactive provides players with thrilling imagery and impressive graphics.  Prepare to become the law and track down and arrest wrongdoers in order to win some top-notch prizes – just like a real Bounty Hunter!  The big question is, can you save the city and prevent crime for some big cash wins?  You'll need to get spinning to find out!

Our Verdict:

If you're looking for a fantastic bounty-hunter themed slot, then look no further than Bounty Hunt.  Whether your favourite bounty hunter is Star Wars bad guy Boba Fett or Marvel's anti-hero Jonah Hex, you will love this unique slot game.  This exciting slot present players with a ton of interesting bonus features that will help you bag a big cash win!  Players can start playing for as little as 25p per spin all the way up to £25 per spin on this futuristic sci-fi game.  What's more, this is a five-reel slot game, so everyone can take a turn spinning its reels!

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol is normally the most sought after symbol as it has the ability to substitute for nearly all other symbols on your reels, helping you to create great winning combinations!  However, on Bounty Hunter, there is no set wild symbol.  Instead, the wild symbol is determined by the Crosshair feature.  Each time you spin the reels in this game, you will encounter a fluorescent blue crosshair target.

Crosshair Target Feature:

This target will glide across the reels until stopping on a symbol and turning the selected symbol into your wild.  If it lands on the lower value symbols, they will become the wild tile.  If it lands on the grenade symbol, the whole reel becomes a wild!  Plus, the special crosshair symbol can also land on the big boss symbol in the game, which will make the big boss symbols become wilds as well.  This will also happen if the crosshair lands on the other two bad guy symbols in the game, Hank Blade and Dr. Fury.

Free Spins:

The bonus scatter symbol is the only symbol in the game that cannot be replaced by the special wild symbol.  On Bounty Hunter, the scatter symbol comes in the shape of a wanted poster, and this symbol triggers the free spin bonus feature in the game.  To activate the free spin feature, the special crosshair icon must land on the wanted poster symbol.  This entitles players to 10 free spins.  What's more, a special bonus round will begin where you will be asked to capture one of the bad guys within the game.  If you successfully capture all three bad guys, you will get four wild on the reels for the remainder of your free spins.


With some amazing bonus features and an interactive and thrilling gaming experience, Bounty Hunter is a must-play slot!  Check out this brand new sci-fi slot today for your chance to win big cash prizes.