Are you ready to blast off into outer space and go on an intergalactic journey through the solar system with the Cosmic Cat on your side?  If you are ready and feline in the mood for some big wins, then this Microgaming slot will send your passion for slots into orbit.  As you whiz through the outer reaches of space, you will be met with some obstacles that only the Cosmic Cat can overcome, and if you manage to be successful on your special space adventure, you will be in with the chance to win an astronomical prize.

Our Verdict:

It isn't often you see a classic 3-reel slot game with this much detail in it as Cosmic Cat. Cosmic Cat focuses on the story of 1 brave little animal, who has the guile to travel to outer space to bring home the orbiting rewards that are beyond the clouds.  On the screen, you will be instantly greeted by our happy 4-legged friend and detailed graphics, although the reels lack some of that eye for detail.  However, the best thing about Cosmic Cat is how easy it is to play, and the fact you can still win big jackpots, despite the simplicity of the overall game.

How to Play:

20 years ago in your local casino 3-reel slot games were as common as anything, the rules were very simple, and anyone could play it.  Fast forward to the modern era of slot games, these sorts are less common, but still draw players in big numbers.  The objectives are simple as you spin the reels you need to land combinations of symbols across the 3-reels.

Betting and Payouts:

The reason that 3-reel slot games were so popular back in the day is for their simplicity, and it doesn't come simpler than a 3 reel game with 1 payline, which is exactly what Cosmic Cat is.  If you are looking for the best payouts in the game, then look to the right of the reels, as the paytable will be revealed with all the different combinations.  Players can choose between 1 and 2 bet levels.  The money that you stake per spin will directly affect the size of your payout from a winning combination and depend on your style of play; players can wager bets from £1 to £10 per spin.

Wild Symbol:

On the reels, Microgaming has done a fantastic job of managing to create a space-theme but also tie it to the traditional slot game style with the use of their symbols and convention of the symbols on the reels.  As you can imagine, you can see Cosmic Cat on the reels, joined by her friend, the space mouse.  However, Cosmic Cat is, obviously, the most important symbol in the game and will hit the jackpot win when it appears 3 times but will also act as the wild symbol for the game, substituting for all other symbols on the reels.  There will be an x2 or x4 multiplier attached to wild wins when 1 or 2 symbols appear.