There is no denying that online poker has become a hit over the past few years, and there is no doubting that Microgaming has been at the forefront of all of these ever-expanding games. Video poker is just one of many games that are changing in the online gaming world, with all kinds of different variations and styles available to play, such as Deuces Wild, which seems to be one of the more popular videos poker games to play on Microgaming platforms. There is a lot to shout about when the chips are down playing Deuces Wild.

Our Verdict:

Video poker isn't everyone's cup of tea, some seem to try to avoid it due to the simplistic and arcade graphics and would much rather play table poker. However video Poker and Deuces Wild, in particular, are great for beginners or those looking to play poker games with an added twist – if you can put up with the seasoned graphics. This game is a little different to standard poker which is played with other players; this one is simply you against the dealer. Do you have what it takes to come out on top?

How to Play:

When you first look at this game, you will probably be a little confused as to how it works, but as soon as you start to play more, the game will come very easily. Five cards will be dealt with players per game, and your knowledge of poker will be questioned, but you will have some help from the computer as you consider your next move. You will look at the potential hands which can be made with the cards you are dealt and select cards to hold and discard ones you wish not to keep. Hope for a couple of new cards that will help your hand and see if it is a winner!

Betting and Payouts:

Poker is famous for the many different hands that can be made and the beauty of Deuces Wild is that you will win no matter which kind of hand you make, as long as it is a winner. There are 13 different possible hands in Deuces Wild, which means there are 13 different payouts. As you may know, the Royal Flush is the highest paying hand in the game and could return a whopping 4000 coins. Players can wager up to £25 per game, and there are five different betting types.

Wild Cards:

The wild cards in Deuces Wild are, obviously, the biggest difference between this game and standard poker. The wild cards in the two decks of 52 cards are what make the game even more exciting, and these special cards will work the same as a wild symbol in the slots. The wild card will substitute for any hand, except the Royal Flush and will create many different combinations where you may be lacking on winning cards. It could be the difference between a good win and a great win!