When you start to play a Gamevy casino game, you will instantly recognise the creative style and influence that they exert over all of their developments. Their latest release is Diamond Deal and what makes this game so unique is that players will only find a grid on their screen, with no reels, cards or chips present. They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but will Diamond Deal become your new casino game best friend? If you uncover all 10 diamonds to bag yourself a massive £100,000 jackpot, then we are sure that it will!

Our Verdict:

Gamevy has a very unique style when it comes to developing casino games, and their games are always instantly recognisable to those who have played their other games before. The graphics are quite similar to many of their other games, but as they are of the utmost quality, we would say that this is no bad thing. Diamond Deal features an eye-catching purple theme and just like diamonds do, this game is certainly a head turner. With a betting range of between £1 and £10, this is a fantastic game for beginners to casino games.

How to Play:

Diamond Deal can look a little overly complicated when you first load it up to lay. However, this is really not the case, and once you understand the rules you'll be playing it at lightning speed! First of all, you will need to select your wager for the game, and then you will then be transported to another screen with a 50-section grid. Players can then begin to choose grids with the hope of finding a diamond uncovered behind them as this will count as a win! Where this game gets tricky is that grids not hiding a diamond will cause you to lose one of your four lives!

Betting Options:

No matter what your budget is, everyone can enjoy a game of Diamond Deal as it has a great betting range. Players can choose to wager £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. Whichever bet you decide to play, this will then become your set amount for the rest of your game play. This can then affect possible jackpot prizes. Players who are looking to scoop the big jackpot prizes in this game will need to play similarly to how they do in slot games, which means wagering as much cash as you possibly can. Essentially the more cash you wager, the more you can win!


The betting range is not the largest in Diamond Deal, with the maximum betting limit relatively small compared to other casino games. However, this certainly does not reflect on the payouts. As we mentioned before, the main aim of this game is to uncover the hidden diamonds behind the grids without drawing up a blank. The more diamonds you manage to find, the bigger your prize will be! Players who are looking for the best Diamond Deal big jackpot prize will be looking to find 10 diamonds without losing any of your lives, and a wager of as little as £1 could win you a massive £100,000!