One mad scientist, Dr. Watts Up, is on a mission to create the best formula that will change the world forever. However, in his science lab which is top secret, there is something more exciting than a couple of chemical experiments and formula combinations. Dr. Watts Up has aspirations of being the most successful scientist in the world and he may be onto something as players see the 5-reel game which he has developed in his lab. Players will get the chance to see what amazing slot games he has been cooking up, and you may also get the chance to sneak some rewarding prizes out the door.

Our Verdict:

Microgaming has developed this game. However, it is Dr. Watts Up who has produced the various elements which make this game so interesting. Players will see him partner up with his lab assistant to show players exactly what he is working on inside his lab and what mad project is waiting for you to play. The style of the game is typical of a mad scientist, and there is also 243 ways to winin this game, as well as some exciting bonuses which the Dr has developed himself.

Wild Symbol:

The symbols in the game are hardly surprising, and players will be able to tell right away that this is a Microgaming slot from the design of the symbols. All of the emblems contribute to the mad scientist theme of the game and include lots of crazy symbols such as a mouse in a jar, a brain, and a robot. The Wild symbol is the most important as it will act as a substitution symbol within the game, and also as link almost between the same symbols. The wild substitutes for all symbols except the scatters, meaning you'll be taking home even bigger wins.

Free Spins:

Players will be expecting some mad features in this game, as you are inside a high-tech science lab after all. However, don't be expecting explosions as you'll only be disappointed to find some elegant bonus features to keep you amused. Keep an eye out for 3 scatter symbols showing up on the reels, as the proton diagram will have a positive effect and will activate the free spins feature to award players up to 20 free spins to play with. 1 reel will turn entirely stacked with wild symbols, meaning there is something very productive coming out of this experiment!

Bonus Game:

The bonus which players will get the chance to play will be based on the scientists top secret project, which only you, the assistant and the, err, monkey have seen. Players will firstly have to find 3 bonus symbols across the 5 reels to activate the game. You will then enter a new section of the lab and be given the chance to select 2 different chemical tubes to create a winning prize amount. You can refuse this prize though if you want to try and create another one!