We could all use some extra magic in our lives. After all, a little bit of magic could be all that is between us and a big payout on slots and casino games! If you're in need of some help from the supernatural to turn your luck around, then we've got the perfect game for you! Enchanted Woods is a super simple, super fun slots game which are guaranteed to bring the perfect sprinkling of magic into your life.

Our Verdict:

As you might expect, the single slot game is set right in the heart of an enchanted forest, where magical creatures and lie in wait, helping to guide slots fans on their way to some big payouts. Enlist their help in playing this game, and you could be filling up your pockets with fairy gold straight from the forest!

How to Play:

You can set how much you want to bet on each spin using the "stake" button at the bottom; anything between 10p and £100. This is a one line game, so you don't need to do any additional maths when working out how much a wager will cost you; simply set the wager and that's it! Then, press the "Play" button, and the slots will start to spin. The reels will come to a rest, and you will be given a chance to "hold" any reels. Spin again and all the reels which aren't held will spin a second time, doubling your chances of winning a prize!

The Wild Symbol:

Enchanted Woods features a Wild symbol! This takes the form of a purple fairy, which can substitute for all other symbols on the reels, apart from the bonus feature. This is good news for players because it gives you an additional chance to make a win! For example, if you have just two blue fairies and a wild symbol on your reels, then the wild will count as a third blue fairy and win you a prize! This can also boost wins that you already have; for example, if you have four blue fairies and one Wild symbol, then this could bring you the maximum payout on the game!

Bonus Features:

As previously mentioned, there is a bonus symbol in Enchanted Forest; a fat green Frog. If you're very lucky, he will take you to the Enchanted Woods bonus round. This is when you get more than 3 bonus toads across the reels. How many chances you have to win in this round depends on how many Frogs you have found. You will be taken to an enchanted tree, and given the option of picking up to 5 Frogs. Each frog will give you a sum of money. The more Frogs you had in the main game, the more you will be allowed to pick.


Overall this fun and a charming game is definitely worth taking for a spin. The main gameplay is simple and straightforward, and the special features are lots of fun and offer loads of wins.