This is not the first casino game, and we doubt it will be the last, to create a game based on the theme of gems, jewels, and diamonds, however, we can guarantee that you will not have played a game like Epic Gems before. This game from Gamevy is extremely unique, and you will not find a reel in sight which makes it very appealing to those looking for something a little different. If you enjoyed other outings from Gamefly such as Boss the Lotto and Diamond Deal, then this is sure to be a game that you also enjoy playing.

Our Verdict:

Epic Gems provide some great relief from all your standard slot and table games when playing at this online casino. Gamevy always provides players with the latest and most innovative games, so when you open Epic Gems you know to expect something completely unique, combined with big jackpot prizes and top-quality graphics. There is one major change that the developers have made with the game Epic Gems, and that is players have the option to cash out after their very first pick! This gives you much more control over your game play, and you can decide exactly how much risk you want to take with this game.


Generally, when playing this type of game, players have to choose 6 before they are allowed to cash out of the game. This means that there is a better chance of you cashing out before you ultimately hit a mine. Once you have had one successful pick, players can then claim back 110% of their stake, and this percentage will continue to rise by 10% every time up until you make your sixth pick. After this, it will then rise to 25%. Players who make it to 15 picks will then see this rise by a massive 100%, but this incremental rise only increases as you play through the game.

Placing a Bet:

It's really easy to get started playing Epic Gems, and the first thing that you will be prompted to do is choose what wager you would like to place on the game. This is a great game for beginners as they are betting range is not huge and the maximum betting range is not too high. You can get started playing it today from as little as £1 up to a maximum of £10. Each time you increase your bet, the size of the potential jackpot win you could also receive increases! Ultimately, high rolling players will want to wager as much as they can to scoop the big £25,000 jackpot prize!

Additional Features:

Although there are no additional bonus features to take advantage of in Epic Gems, the game really does need anymore as it is great fun to play as it is! What we love about this game is the huge jackpot that is up for grabs for a relatively small deposit, which we are sure you will love too! If you want to enjoy a casino game that is a little different to your standard slots but offers thrilling game play, then this could be a great choice for you.