If you're looking for a slots game unlike any other, then Flux might just be the game for you! With a futuristic style and a completely different approach to setting bets and managing the game, it's definitely a breath of fresh air compared with a lot of more old fashioned style slots games. With 5 reels and 15 paylines, there's plenty of excitement and profits to be found and plenty of opportunities for you to make some huge wins. The futuristic, space style theme is sure to be well received, and the smooth animation makes the game an absolute dream to play.

Our Verdict:

The game is set on a blue and indigo cubist style backdrop which looks almost spacey. The icons include glowing geometric shapes which spin and look like strange alien artifacts. There are also letters which represent the bonus symbol and the wild symbol. Regarding design and layout, the game is immensely easy to follow, with a very simple but interesting and enjoyable design.

How to play:

In order to set your bet on Flux, simply click on the smallest circle in the bottom right of the screen, which resembles a poker chip. This will open a new screen, and you can select how much you want to bet – between 10p and £100 per spin. After you've selected your bet amount, simply click on the largest circle and the reels will begin to spin. All very straight forward – but what if you want to set up an auto play? Simply click on the middle circle and you'll be given the option to set an autoplay of between 5 and 5000! It couldn't be simpler.

Bonus feature:

It's not all flash and design with Flux, however. The game also sports an impressive bonus feature – 3 to be exactly. When 3 bonus symbols appear on the reels, you will be able to choose one of three special treats: either 16 free spins, where you can win both ways; or 12 free spins with 3 extra rows on the reels; or 8 free spins with Win Both Ways and extra rows. 4 bonus symbols give similar options, and 5 bonus symbols allow up to 48 WBW free spins, 36 Free Spins with 7 rows, or 24 Free Spins with WBW and seven rows.


Overall, the game is a visual treat which players are sure to become quickly invested in. All the differing bonus rounds offer loads of opportunities to pick up and extra profit and win some great cash prizes, and since it's all in free spins, you can enjoy those profits absolutely free! We would probably recommend going for an option which includes Win Both Ways, as this allows so many extra opportunities to win, but in reality, all of these options are a great way to boost your balance and make a healthy profit.

But don't just take our word for it – why not try out this fantastic game for yourself? We're sure you won't regret it. Enjoy!