If you fancy playing a classic casino game with plenty of opportunities to make some big wins, then you can definitely do a lot worse than French Roulette from Quick Fire. Also known as European Roulette, this game is ideal for players who like to be able to enjoy a bit of strategy and thinking in their online playing experience. Of course, the game is still largely based on luck, but unlike many other online games, there are ways of strategising your betting choices so that you can minimize your losses and maximize your wins. Play this game right, and with a stroke of luck, you'll make some big profits.

Our Verdict:

The main thing which really differentiates online roulette games from each other is the design, which can really make a difference to your playing experience. Some roulette games look as though they were designed for an early 90's PC, but more modern version feature realistic graphics which really help to set the scene and draw the player in. Luckily, the quickfire version of the game definitely belongs in the latter camp, and if you choose to play this game, you will be delighted by the rich colours and realistic gameplay complete with a proper 3D roulette table. Placing your bets involved clicking directly on the table, like real life.

How to play:

Some people are intimidated by roulette because it's such a famous game, but there is no need to be worried, really. It's straight forward once you get the hang of it. Select your chip size using the dial to the top right of the table – between 1 coin and 25 coins. Then, simply click on the spaces where you would like to place a bet. This can include individual numbers, or equally, you can bet on groups of numbers; for example, all red or all even. This flexibility in setting bets allows you to take matters into your own hands and gives you control over the game.


How much you can win on the game depends on what you decide to bet on. For example, if you try to bet on a single number, then you have far less chance of winning – but, if you are successful then your payout will be huge! Conversely, if you decide to bet on something a bit easier – for example, that the resulting number will be even, or will be red, then this gives you a much higher chance of winning. However, because of this, the game will award slightly less for your win. You can still make a good profit by playing this way, however, and it's relatively low risk.

More Info:

Some people might view roulette as a game reserved for true gambling fanatics only, but that definitely isn't the case. The game is open to being enjoyed by anyone who loves table games which involve some planning as well as high profits Why not try the game out for yourself, and see if you might find fortune in your favour?