Are you looking for a sweet cash prize? Get your sugar hit with the exciting Fruit Blast game! This exciting game was developed by the Skillzz and is a lot more than just your standard slot game with paylines and reels. Instead, players will be presented with a large grid, lots of fruit and the opportunity to win a huge cash prize!

Our Verdict:

Fruit Blast offers something new and different which is what many players will be looking for in their next game. This game has enough cool feature to keep you playing for hours on end, and we like that it combines logic with luck. Players can try giving this game a go today from just 25p, or if you want to take a real bite out of Fruit Blast you can wager up to £100!

How to Play:

As Fruit Blast is not exactly a slot game, it may take you a minute to master the rules! This game plays on a 5x5 grid and behind it is a bartender getting to work. As you level up during the game, you will get to choose bartenders who each offer different features. The aim of this game is to try and pick out matching clusters of symbols on your reels. They should be 3 or more matching symbols and be horizontal or vertical. These symbols will fall onto to the grid as you pick out clusters more symbol will appear until no more clusters are available.

Wild Symbol:

As there is no wild symbol in Fruit Blast, players can instead enjoy the extra special benefits that the pink bonus symbol and the gold and blue jackpot symbols bring! Look out for the bonus symbol in the levelling up round and the jackpot symbol to grab yourself a massive cash prize. The basic symbols on your reels that you need to try and pick out are, of course, different types of fruit such as pineapples, grapes, lemons, watermelons, and cherries. Picking out clusters of these symbols will full up the fruit meters to the left hand side of your grid. They will also award you multipliers!

Levelling Up:

Players can collect stars from the pieces of fruit that form winning combinations, and each will be worth one star. Players can collect these points and use them to level up. When players level up they will have access to new bartenders and if you are lucky enough to get clusters of Bonus symbols appearing on your reels then you will trigger exciting bonus features such as instant wins, free games, guaranteed wins, picking games, automatic filling up of your fruit meter, big multipliers and cash prizes. Altogether, there are 9 bartenders, and each will bring new features for players to take advantage of when playing.


As you play Fruit Blast, your notable achievements will be recorded, and each time you attain an achievement you will be awarded a certain number of stars. Players can then use these stars towards the levelling up feature.