Have you ever actually seen what goes on inside a Gold Factory? You might have an idea, but until you step through the doors of this magical place, everything is just a mystery and now, thanks to Microgaming, players have the chance to go inside an actual Gold Factory and see the work that goes on. This is a unique industry, but it also sets up the opportunity to play some extremely special slot games, such as Gold Factory. The shiny reels will be littered with golden prizes which players will try and scoop up as they roam through the factory.

Our Verdict:

As you venture through the factory, in complete awe of the different fortunes that could be yours as they pass through conveyor belts –you must remember why you are here. Fortunately, you will not have to graft like these factory workers who keep this place ticking over. Instead, you will go on a tour of the facility, guided by the chap in charge of all the gold. This will be 1 of fascinating games you have ever feasted your eyes upon, and once you strike gold, you'll be dancing for joy.

Wild Symbol:

Things seem to be moving and working all the time in this Gold Factory, and one of the things that never let up is the wins which will keep rolling in when players begin to spin the reels of this 50 payline game. On the reels, players will see the different creations from the inventor, as well as his sidekick. Look out for the wild symbol appearing on the reels as well, as this symbol – covered by the game logo – will substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from the scatter.

Boiler Room Bonus:

There are certain rooms and invention chambers which cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel at any time, by no means. However, since you are such a valued guest at the Gold Factory, you will be able to wander through to the boiler room – where all the magic happens – if you find 3 golden coin scatters on the reels. Once the symbols appear simultaneously, the bonus will begin, and players will get the chance to pick 4 of 12 different items, which will reveal bonus prizes. There are 2 special coins hidden, though, which will activate another bonus level if 1 of them can be found.

Reactor Bonus:

The reactor bonus is 1 of the bonuses that will be triggered by the hidden coins in the boiler room. This bonus will award players the chance to access another secret room to pick from different chambers again to reveal more hidden cash prizes until the Malfunction icon appears.

Free Spins:

The other hidden coin is probably the best thing about this golden experience as players will earn a chance to play about with another fine creation by the inventor. Players will see 2 chambers, which you need to spin to reveal some free spins and an accompanying multiplier.