Prepare to be enchanted by the Goldwyn's Fairies slot game!  This game will take you on an adventure to a land that is full of fairies, gems and more.  With features such as re-spins, free spins, returning wilds and more – you will think you have been sprinkled with fairy dust when you play this game.


The Goldwyn's Fairies slot game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, so is fairly standard in terms of its formation – making it suitable for new slot players and seasoned slot players alike.  Once you launch the game, you will be transported to somewhere magical.   There will be all kinds of beautiful fairies adorning your reels, as well as shining gems. All of which in a leafy green background.  There are also sound effects that can be turned on and off at your leisure in-keeping with the theme of the game.

How to Play:

This slot game is easy to get to grips with.  The pay lines are fixed, which means there is no customization required here.  This means that all there is left to do is select how much you would like to bet.  You can do this very simply by just using the up and down arrows.  Once you have chosen your bet amount, you can then hit spin to get the game going.  There is also an auto play function that you can make use of where your reels will set off on a number of rounds on their own.  The paytable can also be viewed with one click of a button.

Re-spin with Returning Wild:

When the re-spin wild symbol shows up on reel 3, this will enter you in to the re-spin mode.  This will award you with a final re-spin and a returning wild.  The re-spin feature will continue until there are no more wild symbols appearing on your reels.

Free Spins with Returning Wilds:

Make sure you look out for the free spins symbol – as if this appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 – this will automatically give you 10 free spins.  This means that you will get 9 free spins complete with the returning wild, and then 1 last free spin.

The Returning Wild:

The Returning wild is part of both the free spin and re-spin features.  This is where the position where the re-spin wild or free spin wild showed up will then be marked so that there will be a returning wild until the final spin.  It can appear on up to 15 positions – and on the final spin, you can only receive standard wilds.

Our Verdict:

Goldwyn's Fairies is an uncomplicated slot that has great features.  With winning potential maximized with all of the different wild options available to you, you could afford gems that are just as pretty as the ones adorning the reels.