Sometimes players can get bored of slot games that have the same old setup. Every now and then you will get a game that strays away from the traditional slot machine structure to offer a unique game that is loads of fun. It is called Jackpot 3X3 and has been developed by 1X2 Gaming. Forget everything you know about online slot games as this is a three reel with a bit of a twist. It is an eye-catching game that is colourful and bright, and it is definitely worth a few rounds. We had great fun playing it once we picked it up and all the details are below.

Our Verdict:

This will suit players that are looking for something different to play but still bet with real money. The game is innovative, interesting and easy to the eye. The sound effects are also pleasant although some players will naturally want to play with the sound off. Players can play for free to get used to the setup and then when they are ready to place real money bets they can stake from just a penny all the way up to an incredible £450. Definitely take care when placing deposits and, overall, Jackpot 3X3 is worth playing so check it out if you like the look of it.

Wild Symbol:

As we mentioned, the game is a three reel slot with only a single payline. There are some reel symbols, but every one of them is a geometric shape with a number displayed within it. You are not going to find any wild, scatter or bonus symbols here which may disappoint some players but in a sense, this is a good thing as the whole point of the game is to be different. We will explain how to play below as it is really easy once you get the hang of it.

How to Play:

To begin the game, you have to place a bet so place your deposit and select how much you would like to stake. Penny stakes are a good way to begin as they offer minimal risk. Once you have agreed on your betting options simply click the place bet button and all the reels will begin to spin. If you manage to match 3 identical symbols, then you will win a prize. You can win on more than one reel, but sometimes there is not enough profit to cover your total bet so bare this in mind when selecting your stakes.


You can click the grid to switch off any reels that you don't want to play, so there is that variety available in this three reel. Basically, all symbols on the reel are numbered, and if you land three matching numbers, then you will receive a prize based on the number value as well as the multiplier that is displayed. It sounds a bit strange, but we feel it works well with 1X2 Gaming's aim of providing a slot that offers something different without being overly complicated.