Sometimes you need a game which offers you a bit of a laugh as well as a win. Don't get me wrong, the main reason for playing slots games is the big cash payouts. But if you can have some fun along the way, I'm certainly not complaining! Enter Joker Jester, the jester themed game which offers plenty of giggles as well as plenty of slots action. But when it comes to great slots games, can Joker Jester deliver?

Our Verdict:

In our opinion, Joker Jester is a game which is definitely worth your time. There is a decent variety of betting options with lots of high payouts on the reels. Not only that, but the random wild feature adds an element of money boosting excitement to the game, while the two bonus rounds offer plenty to be excited about.

How to Play:

Setting your bet is super easy on Joker Jester. Simply use the plus and minus symbols next to the line and bet sections at the bottom of the screen to select how many lines you want active (up to 20) and how much you want to bet on each active line (up to £2). Your final spin bet is based on these two numbers multiplied together – so the top bet of £2 multiplied by 20 pay lines means that the maximum you can spin in this game is £40. After you set your bet, click "Spin" to start the game.

The Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol works a bit differently in this slots game. Rather than just having Wilds on the reels, a giant jester will randomly jump across the reels and turn certain squares Wild. The Wild symbol can stand in for any symbol other than the bonus, so it's definitely a good symbol to have on your side. After the Jester has done his work, your wins will be recalculated with these in mind!

Juggle bonus:

The Juggle Bonus is a real money maker that players of the game are sure to fall in love with. When a basket symbol full of eggs appears on reels 1, 2 and 3, the player will gain access to the Juggle bonus! The Jester will begin with juggling 3 eggs, and the player can add to these simply by clicking "Add egg." The more eggs they are juggling, the higher your prize will be – and a golden egg boosts your profit even more. The round keeps going until the Jester drops their eggs, and prizes are multiplied by your bet.

Barrel Bonus:

The Barrel Bonus is another fantastic feature of the game. When a barrel symbol appears on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels, the game activates the Barrel Bonus feature. In this feature, you are presented with a series of barrels for you to choose from. Every barrel you pick will give you a prize, which will be multiplied by your bet. Keep choosing prizes until the jester appears and the bonus game ends.