Louisiana Double Poker

If you're relatively new to online gambling, and specifically online poker, then you should definitely check out Louisiana Doubles Poker. This is a great introduction to the game because it chooses which cards you should hold before you draw. This means that if you haven't played before, and you're still getting the hang of choosing the correct cards to hold in a game, then this game is the perfect way to learn.

Our verdict:

Louisiana Doubles Poker is a game which offers the player quite a lot of choice in terms of things like better amounts and how to play, but also offers a lot of benefits to help you push up your profits. The game is pretty much perfect for anyone who is quite new to poker, especially since the computer helps you by selecting the best cards to hold when you're first dealing your hand. Of course, the player still has the most control, and you can change which cards you want to hold if you happen to see a combination which you think would be more profitable.

How to play:

Use the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen to set your coin size to anything between 50p and £10. Then, click on one for the 5 sections on the pay table to choose whether you will play between 1 and 5 coins. That means that the maximum that you can place on a single bet is £50. Click "Deal" to receive 5 cards, and the computer will choose two for you to hold – you can change which ones are chosen by clicking on the cards. Click Draw and the remaining cards will be swapped for new ones, making your final bet.

Huge profits:

There are some major payouts to be won on Louisiana Doubles Poker. How much you win depends largely on what you decide to bet, and the likelihood of the outcome. The lowest paying outcome is two Jacks.  This only gets you back the same amount that you paid. However, the higher you go up on the pay table, the more coins you can potentially win back on your bet. For example, two pairs having paid 1 coin will get you back 2 coins; while playing 5 coins will get you back 10. The highest payouts are on the 5 coins' section – with a maximum win of 2500.

Paytable and Payouts:

You can see the payouts clearly marked on the top of the screen. Going by the figures shown for playing 5 coins; two Jacks will get you back 5 coins; Two Pairs or 3 of a Kind will get you back 10; A straight gives 20; a flush gives 30, and a full house will pay you 45. Four of a Kind allows you to win 175; a straight flush is 375, and a Royal Flush is what gets you that 2500 coin cash in. If you go with the maximum coin size of £10 on the 5-coin panel, then you can win an incredible £25,000!