If you want to play a slots game which really gets back to basics, then Monster Mania might be the choice for you. Its simple approach and straightforward betting and gameplay are sure to appeal to fans of old style slots games.

Our Verdict:

Monster Mania may not have the biggest range of bonus features, but if you're someone who loves more straightforward, traditional slots games without fancy features and flashy bonus rounds, then this game could well be perfect for you. Monster Mania relies exclusively on its payouts to help players, and for some old school slots game fans, this could be very much a plus. The reels include various types of fruit, as well as multi-coloured monsters, so visually it is interesting enough to keep players hooked as they spin those reels.

How to Play:

Playing Monster Mania slots is incredibly easy and straightforward. First off, you need to set your bet amount. To do this, click on the blue plus and minus buttons in the lower half of the screen and this will set your coin size. Once you've settled on a coin size, this will then be multiplied by the number of pay lines which you choose to have active. This is a 9-reel slot, which means that you can choose to have up to 9 pay lines active across the reels. More active pay lines mean more chances to win, so bear that in mind when betting.

Wild Symbol:

The Wild symbol in Monster Mania appears to be a giant mouth with eyes and the word "Wild" written instead of teeth. The Wild symbol is a vital component of any slots game. Why do you ask? It's really quite simple; the Wild can substitute for any other symbol on the reels. This means that if you are lacking even just one symbol from a winning combination, you might be able to make up your win using the Wild symbol instead. It also means that if you already have a winning combination, the wild can help you boost your profits even further.


The main excitement for Monster Mania comes from its payouts. The fruit symbols give the lowest payouts, with 5 bananas fetching 50x your bet. However, once the monsters get involved, things start looking up! The snake monster offers 500x your bet if you get 5 on the same pay line, and the multi-coloured spiky monster will give you 900x your bet. However, it's the green hairy monster which really makes the game worth playing; offering 1000x your bet for 5 on a pay line.


There are no free spins rounds in Monster Mania, although there is a scatter in the shape of a brain with the words "Scatter Brain" on it. The scatter doesn't need to be on the same pay line in order to make a win; a minimum of 3 on the reels will get you a prize. The max prize you can get for 5 scatters is 100x your bet.