When it comes to daydreaming about the perfect vacation, the vast majority of us will envision sipping on drinks with the sun streaming down on us on a beautiful sandy beach.  It's a dream that is offered is offered across the world in glorious tropical environments.  This luxurious environment is the setting for Iron Dog Studio's latest slot game.  Neon Jungle invites players to explore the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, where nightlife and wildlife offer a thrilling backdrop to your gameplay.  The fantastic theme and gorgeous graphics will definitely leave you wanting to spin this slot machine time and time again.

Our Verdict:

Neon Jungle is an epic video slot that will take you on a creative and beautiful gaming adventure.  The bold colours and neon lights easily showcase Brazil's nightlife, and this contrasts perfectly with the lush green of the rainforest.  On the reels, you will meet many colourful animals that each comes with its own sound effect.  These sound effects really help to bring the game to life!  You can play this thrilling slot game on any desktop, mobile or tablet device.  There is also plenty of choice when it comes to betting options, which ensures that both low limit gamblers and high rollers can enjoy this game! 
Winning Combinations: The main object of this game is to make matches across the 20 paylines from left to right.  You will be able to enjoy smaller payouts if you successfully match the poker ranks.  If you are looking for a much higher payout, the high-paying symbols are based on different animals and plants including frogs, flowers, parrots, butterflies, and tigers.  The tiger offers the largest payout for normal symbols.

Wild Symbol:

In this slot game, the monkey acts as the wild symbol.  This cheeky icon has the ability to substitute for any other symbol with the exception of the scatter, bonus and free spins symbol to help you complete your paylines and enjoy a fantastic cash payout.

Shimmering Secrets:

Unlike other slot games, you won't be looking for a specific scatter icon to activate the bonus rounds on offer.  Instead, you will need to keep an eye out for a special glimmer that will appear over a different symbol after each spin.  If this glimmer turns into a glow on that symbol, you will trigger a special game effect.  This effect differs depending on the type of symbol.  If the glow is surrounding part of a winning combination, you can instantly enjoy a 4x multiplier.  If you highlight a scatter symbol, you will earn an immediate cash payout.  If it surrounds the free spins snail icon, you will enjoy six free spins.

Bonus Icon:

If you're lucky enough to get the glow on a special bonus icon, you will activate the Keno Light Bonus Round.  In this game, you will be required to choose 10 or 28 numbers, then watch as 15 of these numbers are drawn.  The more numbers you successfully match, the more money you stand to win.  If all 10 of your numbers are picked, you can win up to 20,000 credits!