Microgaming has brought us another magical slot game, this time in the form of the Irish themed Rainbrew Slots.  This fantastic multi-line slot game has all the flashy features and jazz that give the players not only great entertainment but a real chance to scoop a nifty cash prize.  This 5 reel slot game has 243 pay lines, and you will be accompanied with some high value Irish themed symbols.  There is a real opportunity here to really hit it big with the 2 bonus features that you could trigger.  Make sure you give this a whirl!

Our Verdict:

With Rainbrew, you will be impressed immediately with their innovative and creative slot.  Coming from Microgaming, people expect good things, and with this slot, they have not let us down.  There is a pretty standard RTP rate of just over 96% which is what you can expect for games of his type.  Betting on this game begins at 10p a spin. Therefore, a pretty low stake can be placed when starting out to get you used to the game.  The highest jackpot win you can receive is 2,270 of your original stake by hitting all wilds n the free spins feature.


This slot game is all bells and whistles when it comes to modern 3D multi-line slots.  You definitely won't get bored with this game quickly.  The symbols are based on different Irish things such as clovers and leprechauns, but they also have many different variations of beer jugs!  The game is played in what looks like to be a typical pub background where the beer jugs continue to fall down from above!  The music on this game adds to the entertainment and suggest you keep it on with the volume high.

Raining Wilds Feature:

There are plenty of wilds being spun on Rainbrew. They are simply ones that say the word wild in gold writing and snazzy colours in the background.  The interesting element about this slot is that they have additional opportunities to maximise a win with the blue bar at the top and the green bar at the bottom.  On these, the wild symbols can also appear and if they do you could potentially maximise your win significantly.  In order to activate these, you would need to spin in a blue wild symbol with the arrow pointing up or a green wild symbol with the arrow pointing down.

Free Spins:

As with most slot games there is a free spins feature available where you can earn a lot of extra cash and sit back whilst the free spins adds a healthy amount to your cash balance.  The scatter symbol is required to be spun in order to activate this, and in this instance, it is the Rainbrew symbol.  If you spin this in reels 2 and 4, the side winder tubes will be activated, and you then need to spin another scatter symbol to activate the free spins.  Three Rainbrew symbols activate 6 free spins whilst 4 will reward you 10.