There is plenty of choices if you are looking for a slot game which is centered around animals, and thanks to Microgaming we have another one, What a Hoot.  What a Hoot is not just any old animal slot game, What a Hoot is a slot that is completely themed around the majestic birds Owls.  Owls are well-known birds of prey, who are also nocturnal and tend have big beaks and piercing eyes, however, what they are best known for this their laser-like eyesight which makes them expert hunters, and the ideal partner to help you hunt down some big wins on What a Hoot.

Our Verdict:

What a Hoot is a unique slot game, not just because it is centered around Owls, but also because it is a slot game which has no bonus features to trigger.  This type of slot game is not for everyone, however, if you are looking for a simpler slot game the lack of bonus features might be a good thing for you.  Despite the lack of bonus features What a Hoot is a nice looking slot, and having the reels sitting on a night sky helps remind you about the owl's nocturnal nature.  You will also enjoy the sound effects which are smooth and relaxing.

How to Play:

What a Hoot is a five-reel slot game, which has nine paylines.  The reels dominate the landscape of the screen, but when you load up, you will see the blue bet button at the bottom.  This is where you select your stake per spin from a minimum of £2.25 per spin to maximum of £45.  Once you have selected your stake, you will start to spin, and to win you will need to land winning combinations of three or more symbols on a payline.   Your win will be then calculated, and the amount will depend on the number of symbols landed and the value of the symbols and your stake.

Wild Symbol:

On What a Hoot you do not have any bonus features, but what you do have is the wild symbol.  The wild symbol is a special symbol and on What a Hoot it is the symbol which is a tree with owl eyes staring out from it.  This symbol is going to help create big winning combinations by substituting for all other symbols on the reels including the lower value fruit and nut symbols of acorns, sesame seeds, berries, and chestnuts.  It will also complete winning combinations for the higher value owl symbols including the blue owl, a yellow owl with book, white owl with hat and brown owl with a drink.


On What a Hoot as well as having a special wild symbol you also have a scatter symbol, a symbol with an open jar and fireflies.  This symbol, unlike in many slots, will not trigger any bonuses. However, it will create its own winning combinations when three or more land on a single payline.