Are you brave enough to venture into the deep cold outer reaches of our Galaxy in Microgaming slot game What on Earth? This cosmic style slot game will take you on a journey to explore what creatures, and possibly treasures, are lurking in those pockets of space not yet explored.

Our Verdict:

What on Earth is a bright and colourful looking slot game.  The reels themselves dominate the majority of the screen, but peeking through in the backdrop is the space sky with some shiny stars, helping to set the scene.  The music and sound effects which sound like something straight out of an alien movie also fit the game well.  The symbols on the reels are also bright and colourful, although the odd symbol does look like it's being picked up straight from one of the old fruit machines games.  On What on Earth, you also have three great linked bonus features which everyone will enjoy.

How to Play:

What on Earth is a five-reel slot which has nine paylines.  To start off, you must pick your bet amount from 1p to £45, and then away you go.  Once you start to spin, you will want to land wins which are done by landing three or more symbols in a single payline.  The win will depend on the stake and value of the symbol.

Wild Symbol:

On What on Earth you have a wild symbol, which in this case is just the logo symbol.  This symbol is a special symbol as it will substitute for the console and porthole symbols to help create winning combinations across the reels.  The wild logo symbol is also going to create its own winning combinations when at least three symbols land on an active payline.

Beat Them Up Bonus:

The first bonus feature on What on Earth is the Beat Them Up bonus.  This feature is the main bonus on the game, and the other two bonus features stem from this game.  To trigger the feature, you must land three, four or five of the colourful spaceship scatter symbols in consecutive reels.  The red spaceship is on all reels, but the blue and green only appear on reels four and five.  You will then see five aliens above the reels in their spaceships, select one to reveal a prize and multiplier.  You may also select a symbol which starts another bonus feature.

Destination Bonus:

The second bonus is the Destination bonus which is triggered during the Beat Them Up feature by selecting the ship which reveals the globe symbol.  On this bonus, you will select a new destination and possible win a multiplier of up to 400x.
Beam Them Up Bonus: To Trigger the Beam Them Up bonus you will need to find the Contest symbol in the Beat Them Up bonus.  If you find this symbol, you will start a battle with an alien to beam up more humans.  The more humans beamed up higher multiplier you win.